Set sail on a music ship for pirates

Captain Blackstrapp Molasses Honeycutt has a dream and a vision.

His dream involves a fleet of ships and the return of piracy. Well… in a way.  Captain Black Sam Bellamy was out to settle the score because he believed the rich oligarchs of Europe were unjustly stealing the Common Man’s bread and butter.

Captain Blackstrapp Molasses Honeycutt believes that iPhones, on-demand viewing, and home-surround-theatre systems are stealing the lifeblood of the Common Man’s Art. The lifeblood of the common man’s art is built around the fact that we are all artists and that everyone should create art, especially music. Why especially music? Because before you picked up a paintbrush or nailed a pirouette or edited a film you were in your mother’s womb surrounded by the pulsing rhythm of your mother’s heart.

So what’s a good way to return to our creative roots? To keep the Art of the Common Man alive? How ’bout setting sail on a 150-foot schooner with guitars, a few drums, flutes, great music teachers, and your dancing bones. With your support, Captain Honeycutt wants to build a music school on the high seas.

With seafaring routes from Cape Cod to Virginia to Florida to the Caribbean and back, Capt Honeycutt wants to revive adventure and the limitless possibilities a limitless ocean inspires in a young mind. Braving the open sea not to pick up slaves and gold and rum like in the old days, but to pick up rhythms, melodies, and culture. Captain Blackstrapp Molasses Honeycutt has been developing his curriculum hand-in-hand with music teachers who work with the Sukuzi method, the O’Connor method, School-of-Rock organizations, the MENC (Music Educators National Conference) and theatrical troupes akin to Blue Man Group and Stomp.

He’s spec’d out the ideal ship replete with versatile performance spaces above and below deck.  He wants to set sail soon. It’s a great idea, it’s a great cause, and the world needs things like this.

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