Be my benefactor

My Quest is to obtain a BENEFACTOR that is willing to back-up the financial support of my Quest to develop a Music school on a 150ft. schooner, with the intention of morphing into a Flotilla.  In turn creating Thousands of Ship building Jobs locally, promoting a great tourist Trade, Education, Entertainment, and provide Adventure for those who participate!  Also included is the promotion of the Movie Synopsis that I have written, GHOST OF THE WHYDAH, honoring the Spirits of the 1717 Pirates who died April 26, in a Storm, off the coast of Wellfleet, MA, inadvertently saving the lives of Thousands from the horrors of Slavery, capture, and agony of transporting to the unknown.

From the get-go, I have felt a great, Kinship with their spirits, by promoting, this Fun and Inspiring Project. They, Crashed on the beach of Wellfleet, Mass. on April 26, 1717, captained by the Prince of Pirates, Black Sam Bellamy. Called Black Sam, because he always wore a Black Wig, when no other Pirates did, or would!   The Movie Synopsis is about the Ship and the Trip, and Not Black Sam Bellamy. It was only recently that I started looking into Black Sam’s background.

It didn’t take much research to find out why, I felt such a kinship and excitement, with the Spirits of the Pirates, with doing this Project! This may mean nothing to anyone else, but it means a great Deal, to me!  Just knowing that by crashing the Stolen Slave Ship, Whydah, saved thousands of other, now spirits, from the Horrifying agony, of Sailing for months, lying flat on their backs, chained to the Bottom deck, in a bilge area, puking, and defecating, with more than 450 others, chained in a bilge area, built for 300. NOTE; I even have to take several, deep breaths, to even write this!  The whole slave business created, then in the New World, on the Island of Hispaniola, starting in1492, by Christopher Columbus, when his expedition couldn’t find Gold! They took the Locals as Slaves, for Sale in Spain, eventually wiping out the Locals, and importing, stronger Africans!  History Paints the Pirates as Bad Guys. But they lived in an error of Might makes Right! Government domination over the less fortunate! They cultivated the spirit of Democracy, every member had a Vote! The Whydah was a Slave Ship! These Guys took it out of Commission, against the torturous Governmental Laws.  I feel, the Spirit, Ghost of the Whydah, after, sloughing off, the evals, of its, original Masters, in the Purity of the, Ocean waters, Returning, Purified, to Provide, Jobs, Adventure, Entertain, and Educate!

Anyway this whole project really mystifies me, when I match my own specifics, with Captain Black Sam Bellamy’s.   Black Sam was born in 1689, in England. I was born and reared at, 89, Dahlgreen, Portsmouth. When I moved to Brewster, Mass., Cape Cod and bought a house, that house number was, 89. Records state that Black Sam was born on the 22rd of February, at which time his Mother died in child birth. What really, really mystifies me, is that, as I just Now at the time of this writing, and going through my important papers, after more than 7 decades, I’m  just Now discovering, that I have 2 birth certificates, with their original seals.  One says that I was born on February 22nd, the other says that I was born on February 23rd! And why I even have 2 birth certificates, that I never knew I had! That Mystifies Me!

The Reason that I came to Cape Cod after the Army, and graduating from college, was due, to an over whelming desire, to build a first class Sail boat, that I, could live on, and sail, such a Beautiful area! Many years later, after not being able to pull it Off, and later, my 5 year old Son, dying in my arms, from Reyes syndrome, and spending decades working at various occupations, that didn’t inspire. My original reason, for wanting to be on Cape Cod, the whole inspiration was rekindled, when I spotted, in a Joke shop, in Hyannis, the very thing that re-ignited, this whole Project! A Pirates Wig, with bandana, beads, braids, and all!

I was drawn to it, the Whydah History, and the Development of this entire Project, as time passed!   AND, later, I Built My First Ship! But not like, I ever, ever, could have, expected! I Just started, Building It! And Its been, More of a Hoot, and Fun, than I could have, ever, ever, imagined! Not  just for me, but, many, many others also!

Signed – Capt. BlackStrapp Molasses –aka– Jerry Honeycutt.

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