About the Captain – aka Jerry the Dancing Pirate

Once upon a time there was a man named Jerry Honeycutt (born, incidentally, on Feb 22, which means he shares the same EXACT birthday as Captain Black Sam Bellamy born 252 years earlier). Then he became Captain Blackstrapp Molasses Honeycutt. Why? We’re not sure exactly. Could be the ghost of Maria “Goody” Hallett, still said to be roaming the Wellfleet beaches on windy nights, cast a spell on him. Jerry had his own explanation: “I just needed more fun in my life.”

Regardless of the reason for the transformation, it happened. It definitely happened. Folks this here part of the Cape (from Dennis to Provincetown, with Wellfleet in between) have grown accustomed to this stalwart buccaneer, in full regalia, stopping in at the Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, or rocking out with cutlass ablaze to The Incredible Casuals’ local indie sonic stew, or at a coffeehouse open mic, or sailing through the streets of Wellfleet Oysterfest. With some magic, some renowned Honeycutt carpentry skills and a whole lot of elbow grease, he transformed his truck into his Whydah-inspired Shipmobile, pictured here:

When still in the mortal form of Jerry Honeycutt he was born in Virginia, where 12 years later he delivered The Portsmouth Star on his bike for cherry bomb money, then served in the military, and then migrated cape-side where he invented a spectacularly innovative and successful bird feeder. He also developed his own highly innovative fitness program tailored for long-term success.

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